Prayas.... an Effort to Enlighten the Street Children


Akhil Bhartiy antyoday utthan seva sangh (ABAUSS) is serving the country by serving the people.

People in need are given a helping hand to rise and awake for the better tomorrow. From small beginnings of 1999 the Akhil Bhartiy antyoday utthan seva sangh has begun a number of assistance projects in the Ahmedabad city of Gujarat and has provided services to slum area and Environment in Gujarat.


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ABAUSS is supported by citizens, corporates, institutions and schools.

Together, we have joined hands to restore the rights of thousands of deprived children. To continue our efforts in uplifting the deprived in and around Ahmedabad, we are reliant on your support.

In our attempt to raise indigenous resources, we do fund rising in many ways. This includes corporate partnerships, direct mailers, donation boxes, events, press & electronic advertisement, appeals and greeting cards.

We offer you the option to sponsor a child’s education at our facilities, make a donation online and join us as a volunteer, intern or look for permanent job opportunity.

For more information, you can see our Frequently Asked Questions or send your E-mail at :

Here's how you can help:

What are our needs now?
ABAUSS is always on the lookout for committed and capable volunteers. While ABAUSS departments require specific skill sets, in many other cases a willingness to assume responsibility while learning simple new systems is what we need.

Volunteers who have basic computer skills – Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint will find it easier to fit our technology driven working style.

ABAUSS is often viewed as a child-education organization and encourages child, even those who may not have been in a career stream for some time, to write in to us. One of the big positives of working with ABAUSS is that we offer flexible timings and volunteers can play a big role even if they have just a few hours a week to give.

And while we do have a fair number of women working with us that does not mean we exclude men.  Students and recent graduates who have joined the workforce are often a good fit because they find it convenient to work with ABAUSS’s email driven style.

At ABAUSS, volunteering actually means helping us with 'real work' and the very real targets and goals we want to meet.
ABAUSS is clear in our mission and goal so we are not looking for volunteers who give us ideas without a commitment to implementing them.
ABAUSS is a professionally run NGO.  This means that we set deadlines, work within well defined systems and maintain very high standards of interactions within and outside of ABAUSS. We expect no less of our volunteers than of our full time employees.
What will you get if you volunteer with us?
You will learn a tremendous amount about issues that you may have never had any exposure to.
We take our volunteers very seriously - they are very valuable to us and you will get treated with a lot of respect, based on your involvement and commitment of course.
While we may not thank you and shower you with attention every day, ABAUSS will honor your commitment by giving you responsibility and valuing your inputs.

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