Prayas.... an Effort to Enlighten the Street Children


Akhil Bhartiy antyoday utthan seva sangh (ABAUSS) is serving the country by serving the people.

People in need are given a helping hand to rise and awake for the better tomorrow. From small beginnings of 1999 the Akhil Bhartiy antyoday utthan seva sangh has begun a number of assistance projects in the Ahmedabad city of Gujarat and has provided services to slum area and Environment in Gujarat.


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ABAUSSís cost-recovering, environment-friendly objectives are aimed to improve public hygiene by establishing clean sanitation facilities for public use. To construct, operate, and maintain community sanitation complexes for the public in growing and densely populated urban areas, manage water resources, recycle waste for productive use are some of the main features of ABAUSSís programs :

Our Main Activities

   >>   Primary Education

   >>   Garbage Collection

   >>   Public Toilet

   >>   Water Management


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