Prayas.... an Effort to Enlighten the Street Children


Akhil Bhartiy antyoday utthan seva sangh (ABAUSS) is serving the country by serving the people.

People in need are given a helping hand to rise and awake for the better tomorrow. From small beginnings of 1999 the Akhil Bhartiy antyoday utthan seva sangh has begun a number of assistance projects in the Ahmedabad city of Gujarat and has provided services to slum area and Environment in Gujarat.


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Mr. Girish founded ABAUSS in 1999. Since then, ABAUSS has gathered tremendous experience in building and operating toilet complexes, negotiating with the local governments or private trusts to get the land, and employing and retaining people in this line of work. To date, ABAUSS has built, and operates, over 100 toilet complexes in Gujarat, including places of worship such as Dwarka, Somnath, Ambaji and Dakor, several hospitals such as Civil Hospital and VS

Hospital in Ahmedabad, and a number of ST bus stations throughout Gujarat.

ABAUSS employs close to 400 people on full-time basis, out of which over a third are women.  There is a special emphasis to create employment opportunities for women.  Of the 400 people, only about 20 are based in the Head Office in Ahmedabad; the rest are field personnel.

ABAUSS also mobilized its resources after the Gujarat earthquake in 2001 to build and deploy toilet complexes for hundreds of displaced people and a large number of relief workers in Kutch. 

After the unfortunate communal riots in Ahmedabad in 2002, ABAUSS used its own resources to help hundreds of women that had lost their homes and families with temporary shelter, food and clothing.

ABAUSS provided toilet and bath facilities to over 500 participants over a 26-day period during the reenactment of Gandhiji’s historical 240-mile Dandi March in 2005.


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