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Akhil Bhartiy antyoday utthan seva sangh (ABAUSS) is serving the country by serving the people.

People in need are given a helping hand to rise and awake for the better tomorrow. From small beginnings of 1999 the Akhil Bhartiy antyoday utthan seva sangh has begun a number of assistance projects in the Ahmedabad city of Gujarat and has provided services to slum area and Environment in Gujarat.


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Utilities for public use towards maintaining urban sanitation have been established at areas of crowded human assembly and traffic. These include urinals, Indian WCs, bathrooms, with separate sections for ladies, water storage and taps.

Land to construct the utilities is acquired from the municipality or private owner from the funds of ABAUSS, after consulting the local corporator and residents of the area. ABAUSS also encourages and educates the local residents to create awareness about the project, and cooperate in maintaining the same.

These utilities facilitate toilet usage for a small fee that goes into maintaining and sustaining the utility complexes.

ABAUSS has constructed around more than 45 public toilets and managing them as well at many places like Gandhinagar & Ahmedabad. To convert this planning into a mission hundreds of educated unemployed workers are actively participating after getting the proper training from this organization. ABAUSS intends to make the Air & water pollution free so that there is a balance in the environment.

This organization belives that a healthy society can't be visualized without protecting the environment from pollution. Giving vocational training to the harijan children so that to include them in the mainstream of the development is included in this organizationís objective. We have applied to the central & state governments for its implementation. The process of implementation will be stepped up as soon as we get the approval from the concerned authorities.

ABAUSS will help all the block head quarter & panchayat offices to get rid of public toilet problems. We have also decided to construct public toilets at the historical & tourist places. ABAUSS works at the schedule rate approved by public works department & charges 5% as supervision charge. This organization gives 5 years guarantee for its work & manages the public toilets for thirty years. We pay annual rent to the government according to the capacity of the toilet. ABAUSS is progressing towards its goal steadily. We believe that every urban & rural house will have a neat & clean toilet in 21st century if we get the favorable government-social support. It will lead to a balanced environment. so that our society will be clean & healthy.

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